Patient Name: Hon. Aboud Jumbe
---------------------- (Former President of Zanzibar and Vice President of Tanzania)
Tanzania, Africa

Thank you for your services.
God bless all of you!
Everything in here is fine which gives us morality to tell our Tanzanian people to come here for treatment.
So, thank you all very much for your hospitality.
May God bless you all.

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Patient Name: Mrs. Maureen Reakes
Batsfield United Kingdom
Date: 7th December 2005

This is a little difficult for me. Just at the moment I can't think of one 'downside' to the treatment. I've had here. Apart from the discomfort of the actual operation, everything has been excellently carved out. The doctors, nurses and ancillary staff have been unfailingly cheerful, helpful and kind at all times. What more can I say !!!! When I get home to England, I will pass the word and continue to flag for wonderful Apollo Hospital and their staff.

Patient Testimonials India, Patient Care, India Surgery Tour, Health Info
Patient Name: Ms. A. Rosemarie Lyntzberger
Procedure: Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Six months after returning back home Ms.Rosemarie writes:

It is with my deepest thankfulness that I write to you today. I reached home safely, my husband picked me up from the airport and he could simply not believe his eyes when he saw me walking around the way i did. He told me to greet everybody and tell everybody how grateful he is to get a healthy woman back. They all took part in getting me healthy again and if ever I would have to make that decision again where to be operated my decision would always be Wockhardt Hospitals.I know for sure that Wockhardt will have a great future.

You cannot imagine how it is when after 10 years of pain you can walk again, normal, without pain, but with a lot of fun, discovering more and more the beauty of our wonderful mountains here. Nobody can believe that I had my operation just half a year ago. I am so happy.
All the very very best.

India Surgery Patient Testimonials, Patient Care, India Surgery Tour, Health Info
Patient Name: Mr. James Milne
Procedure: Hip Resurfacing Surgery

After having been diagnosed with Osteo- arthritis in my left hip 2 years ago we began to look at the inevitable solution which would be surgery.The Wockhardt Group came to our notice after seeing an article in a British newspaper on 'Medical Tourism' in India. Later that year there was a similar article on television. This lead to look at the Wockhardt website and after reading the details of the Wockhardt Hospital,Mumbai and the orthopaedic team led by Dr.Malhan, we decided to contact.

From that point the whole experience has been one of total profesionalism at all levels. The International Marketing team answered all questions both medical and personal promptly and precisely. We were picked up at the airport and whisked (if that is the right word for Mumbai's roads) away to the hospital. there was a brief administrative procedure to complete and then upto the room. The rest of that day was taken up by medical checks, x-rays etc. and a visit from the surgeon Dr.Malhan and his team.

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing operation was carried out on the next day and after only 2 days I began physiotherapy treatment with Dr. Ritu all throughout the nursing care has been faultless led by the sister incharge Gayathri. We recieved regular visits by other members of the medical team as well as the Head of Nursing on her rounds.The support services of housekeeping, maintenance and catering were all first class providing a total service that would be difficult to match.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone considering hip surgery, the services of Wockhardt Hospital and would encourage you to make the decision and place yourself in the expert hands of this world class team

Patient Name: Anna M. Abdallah (Minister for Health) United Republic of Tanzania
United Republic of Tanzania

The hospital is a home from home. The staff, doctors, nurses and all attendants make an atmosphere of quick recovery.

India Surgery Patient Testimonials, Patient Testimonials India, Health Info
Patient Name: Lord Kenneth J. Cole
New Milton, U.K.
Date: 12th December 2005

An excellent hospital and fantastic value.

First impressions are important I would commend Medical Service Officer Ms. Dimple Bali - nothing was too much trouble - an asset to your organization. The diagnostic procedure was meticulous professional and comprehensive and gave added reassurance before surgery.

Dr. Kashyap was expert in his field and it is a privilege to be one of his patients. Many thanks to him and his team for an excellent result.

Nursing care after surgery was faultless carried out with efficiency by competent nurses.

A management strategy which has a passion to deliver quality, value and innovative in an increasingly competitive expanding global market deserve success.


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Patient Name: Baby Khizar Raza
Procedure: Heart Surgery
Location: Pakistan

(Baby Khizar Raza's father, Mr. Tayyab Raza, speaking) "When we came to Apollo Hospitals, we were in a dilemma. Our child, little Khizar, was very ill with a serious heart defect. We were so frightened. But today, we leave with happiness in our minds and gratitude in our hearts for all those who helped here at Apollo Hospitals. When Khizar felt better, he kept asking for Biryani. I wasn't sure where I could get this for him. But I didn't have to go far, for even this delicious meal was found in the canteen at Apollo Hospitals. The hospital staff looked into every detail for my child and my family. I think it is wonderful to have such a magnificent medical facility here at Apollo Hospitals."

Patient Name: Mariox Ralston

The treatment here at the hospital exceeded my expectations. Staff was wonderful and caring. My doctor Ajaya Kashyap was kind and understanding. This has been a totally positive experience. I have many friends and acquaintance awaiting word - and results - you will be getting high price from me.

India Surgery Patient Testimonials, Patient Testimonials India
Patient Name:Catherine Kerr
Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: UK

From the moment we arrived in Mumbai, the treatment that we received from Wockhardt Hospital has been outstanding we were met at the airport by Bharat who was a member of the hospital's public relations team. He welcomed us and was very pleasant, we were then driven straight to the hospital where we were very quickly and efficiently checked in to our room.

There was no language barriers as everyone speaks perfect English.

The accommodation we stayed in was better than excellent, we were placed in a private room where we had internet access, T.V and DVD and our own Refrigerator stocked with fresh fruits, bottled water and fruit juices, we also had tea and coffee making facilities and a private shower room.

The hygiene level in the room was excellent with the room being cleaned every day and clean sheets and towels daily. We have found everyone from doctors and nurses to cleaning staff always helpful and smiling and nothing has been a bother. Bharat took us shopping and to a nice restaurant on the first night and showed us some of the sights in Mumbaiwhich was lovely. The food served has also been very good with daily menus provided and help from a dietician.

Right from the start my procedure has been fully explained in detail and Dr.Pandya who operated gave excellent advise and explained everything before I could even ask.

The aftercare has been outstanding with medication readily available when needed. The total experience that we have had from Wockhardt Hospital had been outstanding and I would have no hesitation in advising anyone else to do it.

I am so pleased with the end result of my procedure.

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