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5} 'All and every service under one roof' from us including Ambulance, stay and booking in Hotel / Service apartment, Day Spa, Personal Translator, City Guide, Shopping Guide, Mobile phone with prepaid connection, Laptop on Hire, Internet, Locker Facility for Valuables , Rejuvenative and Recuperative Tours, Personal Chef, International Newspapers, International TV channels, Health Library, Liaison with Indian Government authorities, Crèche, Finance and Foreign Exchange services etc. at Regular India rates. (Yes, Regular Indian rates and in off season with discounts.)

6} Our Commitment To Your Safety:
# Your trust is extremely important to us. That's why indihealthtour.com is working hard to earn an outstanding reputation for our commitment to patient safety.
# Our partner facilities undergo an exhaustive assessment process to ensure our clients will be receiving the best care possible.

7} As We Care Health Services also has a subsidiary promoting Managed Corporate Healthcare and Health Check ups in India. We have strategic relations with many Corporates in India with their branch or Head offices in your country. Any liaison activity between you and your company or your company and the Indian company would be taken care of by us.

8} We Care Health Services has extensive strategic relations with healthcare individuals (freelancers) and institutions to deliver Managed Corporate Healthcare to the corporates in India. The services of these individuals or institutions before or after the hospital treatment are welcome to be availed.

9} We believe in underpromising and overdelivering. Come and experience our professionalism, our caring, our warmth, our ……all of which cannot be written in words and become our next advantage.

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Advantages of going through Indiahealthtour.com:
We Care Health Services represented by indiahealthtour.com is a professional institution dedicated to the better health of the human kind. 'Our guiding principles of Love, Honesty, Truthfulness, Good Heartedness and Passion for work may seem obsolete in today's world but believe me they are the real principles of life which make us different and above par.' Says Pankaj Nagpal, CEO.

The dedicated Medical Tourism subsidiary of We Care Health Services with senior personnel with previous working experience in indian hospitals are invaluable asset for us. These teams are strong advantages for the International tourist visiting India for Medical Value.

At We Care Health Services We believe in being Quick, Professional, Caring and Reasonable

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